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Polar Express
Artist: Hanks, Tom
UPC: 00085391157038
Studio: Warner Brothers
Genre: Christmas
Screen: Wide screen
    OUR PRICE: $15.85  
Product Type: Blu-Ray
Released: September 2012
Annotation: On Christmas Eve, a young boy is visited by a conductor and his steam engine, and is taken on an extraordinary journey to the North Pole.
Additional Information
Rating: G
Runtime: 100 mins
Weight: 0.20 lbs
Info: Animated, Closed Captioned, Widescreen, Soundtrack English, Soundtrack Spanish, English Subtitles, Spanish Subtitles
Detailed Product Description: Video
In Print Date : 2007-10-30
Run Time : 6000
Recording Mode : (unknown)
Noise Reduction : (unknown)
Digital Process : (unknown)
Feature : Color
In Print Date : 2007-10-30
Rating : G (MPAA)
Category : Childrens, Kids Adventure, Children, Christmas, Theatrical Release, Trains, Train Adventures, Santa Claus
Original Release Year : 2004
Released By : Warner Home Video
Catalog Number : 115703
Area : USA
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Producer:Steve Starkey American Producer/ FORREST GUMP, CAST AWAY
Star:Peter Scolari Henry Desmond/Hildegarde of TV's "Bosom Buddies"
Producer:Gary Goetzman
Star:Nona Gaye Actor, ALI (2001)
Producer:Robert Zemeckis American director/screenwriter
Star:Eddie Deezen Quinessential movie geek; "Eugene" in "Grease"
Screenwriter:Robert Zemeckis American director/screenwriter
Star:Charles Fleischer AMERICAN ACTOR
Editor:R. Orlando Duenas Editor, THE POLAR EXPRESS (2004)
Executive Producer:Jack Rapke Producer, WHAT LIES BENEATH, CAST AWAY
Star:Tom Hanks Oscar-winning actor/director/producer
Star:Daryl Sabara Actor, SPY KIDS (2001)
Star:Michael Jeter American actor
Production Designer:Doug Chiang Production Designer, THE POLAR EXPRESS (2004)
Producer:William Teitler Executive Producer, TUCK EVERLASTING (2002)
Production Designer:Rick Carter Production Designer, THE POLAR EXPRESS (2004)
Music Supervisor:Glen Ballard Producer/Music Supervisor
Editor:Jeremiah O'Driscoll Editor, THE POLAR EXPRESS (2004)
Director of Photography:Don Burgess
Costume Designer:Joanna Johnston Costume Designer, THE POLAR EXPRESS (2004)
Composer:Alan Silvestri Composer, VAN HELSING (2004)
Screenwriter:William Broyles Screenwriter, APOLLO 13
Director:Robert Zemeckis American director/screenwriter
Synopsis: Director Robert Zemeckis revolutionized the art of animated film in 1998's WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT by dropping cartoon characters into the same frame with flesh-and-blood actors. In THE POLAR EXPRESS, live action and animation have merged seamlessly, resulting in sparkling super-realism. A landmark technique Zemeckis and his Sony Pictures Imageworks team call "Performance Capture" perfectly suits the tenor of this wondrous children's Christmas story by Chris Van Allsburg. A disillusioned little boy, just old enough to doubt the existence of Santa Claus, has the adventure of a lifetime one fateful Christmas Eve. Clad in his pajamas, he climbs aboard a magic train to the North Pole, driven by a kindly train conductor (voiced by Tom Hanks who starred in both of Zemeckis's Academy-Award winning films FORREST GUMP and CASTAWAY). Among myriad jaw-dropping moments, the train plummets brakeless through crystalline mountains in a simulated roller coaster ride. Going off the rails, skidding sideways, and snaking violently across a frozen lake, the train arrives at the North Pole (a vast, glowing city of brick buildings). At that moment, the car carrying the kids detaches and they're sent tumbling down never-ending chutes and slides until they land in the middle of Santa's Workshop. With its fascinating tale and impressive technical frolics, THE POLAR EXPRESS is destined to become both a holiday classic and a new turning point in the art of animated cinema.
Release Note: Blu-ray Disc Features: Full Frame - 1.33 Widescreen - 2.39 Audio: Dolby Surround 2.0 Latin Spanish Dolby Surround 5.1 English
Review: -11/10/2004
"[T}here is wonder for us to cherish, courtesy of a spectacular visual sense....It does nicely with its quieter moments, especially in the emotional scenes that close the story."
Review: -04/01/2008
3 stars out of 5 -- "It's a technical masterpiece that is made primarily for kids..."