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The Mormon Trail
ISBN: 9780516258720
Author: Landau, Elaine
Publisher: Children's Press(CT)
Published: March 2006
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Binding Type: Library Binding
Annotation: In 1845, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints, also known as Mormons, made their way west in order to flee from religious persecution and start a new life in the west. The 1,300-mile trip to reach their promised land would be a difficult one. This move out west would test their faith and unity as a group. This route would become known as the Mormon Trail. Over the next twenty years, about 70,000 more Mormons would embark on the trail to start a new life.
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Physical Information: 0.34" H x 8.66" L x 7.50" W 47 pages
Bargain Category: Middle School, Geography, Non-Fiction, Religious, Upper Elementary