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ISBN: 9781432917517
Author: Foster, Leila Merrell
Publisher: Heinemann/Raintree
Published: July 2008
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Binding Type: Library Binding
Language: Spanish
Annotation: Briefly describes the landscape, weather, plants, animals, languages, and famous attractions of the continent of Asia.
Additional Information
Target Grade: 1-2
Grade level: 1-2
Physical Information: 8.75" H x 7.75" L x 0.50" W
Bargain Category: Upper Elementary, Non-Fiction, Geography, Early Elementary
Descriptions, Reviews, Etc.
Reviewed by Horn Book Guide Reviews (Horn Book Guide Reviews 2009 Spring)
These straightforward books provide basic introductions to all seven continents. Maps and photographs of varying quality highlight climate, geographical features, and famous sites. The Spanish translations, though generally accurate, do include mistakes (e.g., Lagos certainly isn't "[cf2]la ciudad mas poblada del mundo[cf1]"). Short reference lists include at least one Spanish resource. Reading list. Glos., ind. [Review covers these Continentes titles: [cf2]Africa[cf1], [cf2]Antartida[cf1], [cf2]Asia[cf1], [cf2]Europa[cf1], [cf2]Australia y Oceania[cf1], [cf2]Norteamerica[cf1], and [cf2]Suramerica[cf1].] Copyright 2009 Horn Book Guide Reviews.
Reviewed by Horn Book Guide Reviews (Horn Book Guide Reviews 2001 Fall)
A few choppy sentences, captioning a clear photo or map on each page, provide a list of facts about these continents' weather, geography, animals, and people. The subjects are too broad for such slight text, leading to some unfortunate generalizations (from Europe: ""In the north, people herd reindeer""). The series format excludes Oceania, which isn't technically a continent. Bib., glos., ind. Copyright 2001 Horn Book Guide Reviews