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Led Zeppelin Iii
Artist: Led Zeppelin
UPC: 00081227965761
Studio: Atlantic Records/Ada
Genre: Popular Music
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Released: June 2014
Additional Information
Weight: 0.85 lbs
Track Listing
1 Immigrant Song, The
2 Hats Off To (Roy) Harper
3 Friends
4 Celebration Day
5 Since I've Been Loving You
6 Out on the Tiles
7 Gallows Pole
8 Tangerine
9 That's the Way
10 Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
Release Date : 06/02/2014
General Description : Performer
Muze Genre-sub class : Rock & Pop
Number of Discs : 1
Running Time : minute 0 second
Performance Recorded : Studio
Review Expert : Rolling Stone (11/26/70, p.34) - "...their music is as ephemeral as Marvel Comics, and as vivid as an old Technicolor cartoon....Their albums refine the crude public tools of all dull white blues bands into something awesome..." -Lester Bangs Q (11/94, p.143) - 5 Stars - "...Zeppelin were spinning around like a carousel...from the crunchy riff anthems ('Immigrant Song') to blues rollercoasters ('Since I've Been Loving You') to tail-shaking boogie ('Out On The Tiles')..."
Misc Note : LED ZEPPELIN III is the sound of rock's brash enfants terrible beginning to mature. While the take-no-prisoners blues-rock of the first two albums is still prominent in the band's tool box, other implements are beginning to appear. The delicate acoustic whispers that would run through much of ZEPPELIN IV have their folk/blues antecedents here (the lambent "That's the Way," the earthy "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp"), the results of the band's creative encampment in a woodland dwelling. At the same time, the heavier tracks are unprecedented in their ferocious swagger. Robert Plant's bone-chilling battle cry and the band's savage riffing on "The Immigrant Song" do full justice to the song's Viking imagery, and it's easy to believe that the "hammer of the gods" Plant sings about is being swung straight in your direction.