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Books Rock Book Club
The Teacher's Choice
Have you ever wished for a book club that allows you - the teacher - to select the books each month that your students have the opportunity to purchase - based on curricular goals? How about one that could have millions of titles in your book club, instead of a few dozen, all in stock?
Well, it is becoming a reality!

Create your own book club flyer on-line each month with the
Books Rock Book Club!

You create the monthly flier for students based on curricular goals!

You can customize your home page with your class name or logo. You create reading lists that will help give students background in the material you will be covering or that may be required reading for your school. You can create the monthly flier to feature books from specific authors, subject matter, or book series.

You will receive a flat 10% of every order in a credit to be used at The Reading Warehouse - the low price leader. No more smoke and mirror games with points that expire or that become worthless over time. Also, since you are recommending specific titles that will help students be more successful in your classroom parents and students will be more likely to buy books than with other book clubs - resulting in more rewards for you!

Parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and even business partners can shop from anywhere in the US and can have their books shipped straight to them or your classroom and you still get credit for every order!