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Plain Talk and Common Sense from the Black Avenger
ISBN: 9780684807560
Author: Hamblin, Ken
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published: June 1999
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Binding Type: Hardcover
Annotation: Ken Hamblin, the self-proclaimed "Black Avenger", is a straight-talking conservative who makes no concessions to political correctness. In his first book, Pick a Better Country, Hamblin drew on his own life experience to mount a compelling defense of the American Dream and a relentless assault on our "victim" culture and the "bleeding-heart liberals" who perpetuate it. In Plain Talk and Common Sense from the Black Avenger, Hamblin extends his scope to present outspoken, sometimes outrageous, and always provocative views on race, immigration, welfare, homelessness, gun control, the minimum wage, affirmative action, cops, crime, and capital punishment. His no-holds-barred portraits of Bill Clinton, O.J. Simpson, Newt Gingrich, and others provide a refreshing new perspective on some of the most talked-about figures of our time.

As the election year heats up, Hamblin's voice is sure to be heard loud and clear on the radio and in many other political forums. Plain Talk and Common Sense from the Black Avenger demands close attention from both Hamblin's ardent admirers and avowed adversaries.

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Physical Information: 0.95" H x 9.56" L x 6.43" W 288 pages
Bargain Category: Reference, African-American, Adult