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The Girl with the Destrocto Touch
ISBN: 9780385904032
Author: Sniegoski, Thomas E.
Publisher: Yearling Books
Published: July 2007
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Binding Type: Hardcover
Annotation: One day, using the magical passage that will take him to Monstros City, Billy forgets to close the door to the crypt, and is followed by . . . Victoria. Oh, "no," Victoria is Billy's neighbor, his constant shadow, and a huge pain in the butt. Worse, Monstros City seems to exaggerate the traits people have in Bradbury--and Victoria arrives in Monstros with something that Billy and Archebold name the Destructo Touch. Owlboy is supposed to protect Monstros City--but has he just introduced the agent of its destruction?

"From the Trade Paperback edition."

Additional Information
Physical Information: 0.86" H x 7.70" L x 5.66" W 240 pages
Grade level(s): 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
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Reviewed by Horn Book Guide Reviews (Horn Book Guide Reviews 2008 Spring)
Quiet, unassuming Billy discovers an underworld brimming with monsters awaiting the return of their superhero savior, Owlboy. The first book describes Owlboy's origins and Billy's initiation into his new role. In the second, Billy battles his bratty neighbor, whose personality makes her a formidable foe underground. Both books suffer from Billy's belabored introspection, but he's a likable unlikely hero. [Review covers these titles: Billy Hooten, Owlboy and Billy Hooten, Owlboy: The Girl with the Destructo Touch.] Copyright 2008 Horn Book Guide Reviews.