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ISBN: 9780736869508
Author: Boraas, Tracey
Publisher: Capstone Press
Published: August 2006
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Binding Type: Paperback
Annotation: Countries and Cultures books explore each nation in detail, including its climate, landforms, wildlife, history, government, economics, people, and traditions. Additional features include maps, sidebars explaining the country's money and national symbols (including the flag and seal), a time line of history, and even a traditional recipe. Come discover the world! This series explores and supports the standards "Culture," "People, Places, and Environment," and "Global Connections," as required by the National Council for the Social Studies.
Additional Information
Physical Information: 0.17" H x 8.88" L x 6.82" W 64 pages
Bargain Category: Reference, Non-Fiction, Middle School, Upper Elementary, History, Geography
Grade level(s): 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th